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Costa Rica Birding Guides

A bit about Noel Ureña

Noel’s life long and abiding love of all things avian have naturally led him to a career as one of Costa Ricas best birding guides. He has been delighting clients with his enthusiasm for birds since 2000. He is one of the countries top authorities on birds, bird identification and locales in Costa Rica.

Noel Ureña If you have specific target birds the chances are very good that he will know where to find them. His early interests resulted in a degree in ecotourism and environmental management which aided him in starting Tropical Feathers in 2004.

Noel has also managed the Fila Costera bird count area since 2003, producing some of the largest results of any bird count area in Costa Rica. His ability to identify and respond to individual and often very quiet bird calls out of the cacophony of calls in the forest is uncanny. What puts paid to his skills is his ability to then actually find where that specific bird is.

Noel’s bird photographs grace not only the Tropical Feathers website, but publications and websites all over the country. He has a genuine feel for the art of bird photography and knows what photographers need to get that special shot. He is continually delighted at being in the field and always has a knowing sense of expectation of what’s around the next corner.

About Carlos Ureña

Carlos Ureña was born as a birder in Tropical Feathers. Since the year 2004 Carlos has been right next to Noel Ureña, his brother, in the field, guiding and driving for birding tours. La Fila Costera Bird Count has also been an important part of Carlos training ground, helping deeply in the organization and management of such an important event.

Carlos Ureña
Carlos loves birding by sounds which really adds to his skills for finding the birds. His enthusiasm in the field is a plus for any tour, he is always willing to walk the extra mile and bird long hours with his guests. Birding is his passion!

Additionally Carlos has been designing and maintaining our Tropical Feathers website for quite a few years, he is also part of our reservation department staff and is directly involved in the development and planning of birding tours.

Carlos was also part of the expedition that relocated the Ocellated Crake in Costa Rica in December 2012, there had not been records of the species since 1967. Currently, his audio recordings and Noel`s photographs and video have provided important information for the ornithological world and the documentation has been filed in the National Museum of Costa Rica.

Johan Fernández About Johan Fernandez

Johan Fernandez has worked as a guide for seven years, He is the creator and organizer of the Christmas Bird Count of Carara National Park with the Audubon National Society, in 2007 he reported by first time to Costa Rica the Pacific Golden Plover. Johan is co-founder of the Costa Rican Ornithologists Union, where actively participates in the various bird conservation programs, he currently studies the career Management and Protection of Natural Resources in Costa Rica.

Leonardo Garrigues About Leonardo Garrigues

A birder since the age of six, Leonardo Garrigues has been accumulating natural history experience all his life. In addition to studying Biology and Forest Engineering at the Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica, he has been involved in various projects on the Osa Peninsula, where he has helped monitor Jaguars, White-lipped Peccaries, and Harpy Eagles. He is also part of a team of recordists who are recording bird calls and other animal vocalizations in the Osa. His guiding experience likewise began on the peninsula, where he led trips to Corcovado National Park. He has worked as local guide at Rancho Naturalista in Costa Rica, as well as Tandayapa Birding Lodge and Wild Sumaco in Ecuador. Leo now leads birding and natural history tours all over Costa Rica.

Jorge Soto About Jorge Soto

Jorge Soto grew up in Bijagua de Upala, a little town nestled on the slopes of Tenorio Volcano in the Guancaste Province, one of the best birding destinations in the Costa Rica. An authentic nature explorer, Jorge walked in the forest and looked at animals since early age. After graduating in tourism he discovered his passion for birds and since the year 2002 birding became part of his regular life style.

Jorge has worked at Heliconias Lodge in Bijagua de Upala, one of the best birding areas in Costa Rica and finest birding trails. His vast knowledge of the birds and wildlife in general, makes of any tour with Jorge a great experience.

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