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Bird Count Fila Costera

La Fila Costera Bird Count takes place in Southern Pacific Costa Rica. The circle for this CBC has been established using as center point the following approximate location: Latitude: 9º 14' 00" North / Longitude: 83º 46' 38" West. Based from that point we have set the 15 miles diameter circle, which covers important territories such as Barú National Wildlife Refuge, a good portion of Ballena Marine National Park including its sea shore and sea for a few kilometers, the Coastal Range (Fila Costera), Cerro Uvita, San Antonio Refuge, Oro Verde Biological Reserve, the basins of the Pacuar, Baru, Uvita, Higueron, and Ballena Rivers, a leg of the Hatillo Mangroves, and agricultural lands along the Pacuar River and in La Ceniza de Pérez Zeledón.

The majority of these sectors to be birdwatched each January 3rd, are part of the "Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor" which is part of the "Mesoamerican Biological Corridor" This makes the count a very important iniciative to mantain a good assesment of the bird populations and the recovery of ecosystems in the area.

This CBC will as well motivate locals and foreigners to preserve this magnificent region, and to increase their efforts for conservation and to attract a more environmentally friendly tourism.

3D Map of Count Circle
Fila Costera Bird Count Satellite Image

How does Fila Costera Bird Count work?

Sunny Travel and Tropical Feathers sponsor (with support also from Hacienda Baru Lodge and National Wildlife Refuge) this important event for bird and habitat conservation. This count has been held every January 3rd since year 2003 and has gathered important birding guides from all over the Costa Rica to help us count in the most professional way. For about 14 hours once a year, participants count bird species and individuals found in a 15 miles diameter area that covers territories from San Isidro de El General going above the Coastal Range and down towards the Pacific Coast.
The count seeks to provide a better understanding of the bird species and populations in the area, and at the same time to encourage conservation efforts and attract a more environmentally concerned type of tourism. The four previous counts have recorded a commulative list of more than 451 species of birds, that is more than 50% of the species found in Costa Rica, and has also revealed the great bird diversity of Southern Pacific Costa Rica. The next goal on this process is to be able to assess the populations of birds on a more frequent basis, to be able to obtain even more accurate information throghout the year.

For more information or to participate please contact: Noel Ureña

Contact information:
Email: filacostera@costaricabirdingtours.com
Tel: +506-2771-9686 / Fax: +506-2770-2674

Address from inside Costa Rica:
Noel Urena - Tropical Feathers
Apdo. 482-8000 San Isidro de El General Perez Zeledón, San José, Costa Rica

Address from outside Costa Rica:
Noel Ureña, Tropical Feathers
Sunny Travel, 7805 NW 15 Street
SUITE 506-325, Miami, FL 33126 USA
Map Fila Costera CBC

Cumulative List
Since Jan 2003

490 Bird Species

Results Previous Counts

Results Count
December 27th, 2009
399 species reported
16 Routes
45 Participants

Results Count
January 3rd, 2008
374 species reported
16 Routes
40 Participants

Results Count
January 3rd, 2007
393 species reported
16 Routes
42 Participants

Results Count
January 3rd, 2006

370 species reported
20 Routes
44 Participants

Results Count
January 3rd, 2005

392 species reported
21 Routes
69 Participants

Results Count
January 3rd, 2004

385 species reported
19 Routes
60 Participants

Results Count
January 3rd, 2003

340 species reported
12 Routes
42 Participants

Fila Costera
Bird Count

Sunny Travel
Hacienda Baru

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