Frequently asked Questions

What is the main focus of a Tropical Feathers tour?

In general the main focus of our tours is to locate and get good views of the birds in the the different sites we explore. Most of our tours are booked on a private basis and as a result we adjust the focus and intensity according to our guests needs and interests. Hence some tours’ main focus is to find as many species as possible, others might concentrate on target species, regional endemics. Most guests will always enjoy observing other wildlife like mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies as well as the flora and cultural aspects of our country.

Nowadays most people carry cameras so bird and wildlife photography is quite common in any birding tour, so photographers are welcomed in our tours, however if there were very specific objectives for bird and wildlife photography then we recommend to let us know from the moment of booking so that we can plan according to your needs and select the right environments for photography.

Would my non-birding friend or spouse enjoy one of your birding tours?

Since most of our tours are private, we can always adjust your tour to have some non-birding attractions and time. Tour guides typically offer the chance to enjoy local fruit, typical food or explore interesting natural or cultural features, we are quite flexible. Please let us know in advance your interests and how you would like to treat your trip.

What will the typical day be like during the tour?

We devote as much time as we need in the field to properly explore the different habitats. We typically start early in the morning, with some birding prior to breakfast. Lunch can take place back at the lodges or sometimes in restaurants near the area being explored. Occasionally a packed breakfast or lunch is provided. Dinner is typically served in the lodges we stay at. We are always willing to spend the time in the field to maximize your birding and nature experience. Having said that we are happy to adjust to your pace. Every night we can get together before or after dinner to chat about the day’s events, next day’s plans and work on your bird checklist.

What kind of land transportation do you use?

Tropical Feathers offers 4WD vehicles, which allows us to access remote habitats, to minivans and bigger 27 passenger buses. For 2 guests we usually use a 4WD or minivan depending on the areas to be visited. With 5 guests and up, we use a larger Toyota Coaster bus, very comfortable and still powerful and flexible to access many roads and natural areas. We are committed to making sure our transportation complies with the required accepted safety standards.

Would Tropical Feathers arrange a private or customized tour?

Yes, of course. Most of our adventures are arranged on a private basis. Since 2004 Tropical Feathers has specialized in providing guests with customized guided birding and wildlife tours throughout Costa Rica. We can arrange tours for individuals, couples, groups of friends, ornithological associations and birding organizations, and birding and general nature tour operators. Our vast knowledge of Costa Rica has allowed us to help many happy visitors achieve their goal for a fantastic birding and wildlife holiday in our charming country!

Is travel insurance necessary?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance upon booking your tour, make sure it covers any financial losses due to cancellation for any unfortunate reason. Insurance companies might reject an insurance claim if you happen to purchase your travel insurance a few days after you booked and paid for your tour, there might be different time frame policies depending on the company, varying from a week to a month. Please check on insurance details even prior to booking your tour.

Are any vaccinations needed to visit Costa Rica?

The most typical suggested prevention pill taken by  many travelers is against Malaria. Very few areas offer a risk and cases are rare, the estimated relative risk is very low. Please check with your local authorities and make your own decision based on official recommendations.

Are your tour leaders experienced birding guides?

Our friendly tour guides are avid and knowledgeable Costa Rican birders. They truly love what they do and enjoy sharing their field knowledge and bird experiences with our guests.

Is the water safe to drink in Costa Rica?

Yes, Costa Rica offers great water quality throughout the country, when necessary we supply bottled water to our guests.

What languages do your guides speak?

All of our guides are fluent in English and of course Spanish, to help you with any local communications if you need.