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Costa Rica Bird Books

101 Common Birds of Costa Rica 101 Common Birds of Costa Rica:
A Collection of Natural History Paintings

by Bryan Pollock, Noel Ureña, Carey Lee
101 Common Birds of Costa Rica will delight all bird and art lovers who have been waiting for technical and beautiful paintings of the more common birds of the region. Size and a brief description accompany each painting. Not only accurate, but high resolution, you can zoom into see every feather detail clearly; up to 400% without pixelation. The artist, Bryan Pollock, along with Noel Ureña, a fount of avian field knowledge, have spent over three years bringing their vast background and experience to produce this book. They hope this will be the first volume of a series covering the 900 plus birds of Costa Rica.
The Birds of Costa Rica Birds of Costa Rica
by Richard Garrigues
This is a very good field guide with maps showing a lot of the new distributions. The descriptions basically describe the birds and help you with the identification. The size of the book is the most ideal for the field, the drawings are good quality. Richard's book is the field guide you want to carry around in the field.
A Guide too the Birds of Costa Rica
A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica
by Dr. Alexander F. Skutch
An excellent guide, in spite of being an old publication I find this guide to be a good source of information, Dr. Skutch always surprises me with all the details he knew about birds, his knowledge of bird natural history was exceptional, the book tells you a lot! A good source to study before your trip and even good to have with during the trip although perhaps not in the field, you can leave at the hotel room for reference.
Where to watch birds in Costa Rica Where to Watch birds in Costa Rica
by Barrett Lawson
This book contains incredible information on where to go to find birds and how to get to those locations, it also describes the sites quite well and provides good lists of the target / potential birds for the different areas. I find this book to be an extraordinary source of information. This is the British Edition of this book.
A Bird Finding Guide to teh Birds of Costa Rica A Bird-Finding Guide to Costa Rica
by Barrett Lawson
Virtually the same book as “Where to Watch Birds in Costa Rica” but for sale in the US market.
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